In light of the massacre in Jenin, Palestinian leadership declares end to security coordination with Israel: Three days mourning in Palestine

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Taghreed Saadeh

The Palestinian leadership following a meeting headed by President Mahmoud Abbas to discuss today’s Israeli army massacre in Jenin decided to immediately end security coordination with Israel.

A statement read by Presidential Spokesman Nabil Abu Rudeineh at the conclusion of the leadership meeting also said that the PA will ask the United Nations Security Council to implement the decision to provide protection to the Palestinian people under Chapter VII.

Following is the full text of the Palestinian leadership’s statement:

The President of the State of Palestine, Mahmoud Abbas, chaired an emergency meeting of the Palestinian leadership, to discuss the repercussions of the massacre committed by the Israeli occupation forces this morning in Jenin against our people, which led to the death of 11 martyrs and the wounding of dozens, and the storming of Jenin Hospital and the demolition of facilities in the Jenin camp. , In continuation of the daily killing of our people, whose death toll since the beginning of this month has reached more than 30 martyrs.

The meeting also discussed the plans and policies announced by the extremist Israeli occupation government that it has begun to implement on the ground, including crimes of ethnic cleansing and racial discrimination, continuing attacks on the city of Jerusalem and its Islamic and Christian Holy sites, invasion of Al-Aqsa Mosque, intensifying settlement operations, annexing lands, demolishing homes, the detention of the bodies of the martyrs, and the seizure of Palestinian tax funds.

In light of the Israeli occupation government’s continued non-compliance and denial of international legitimacy resolutions and signed agreements, undermining the foundations on which the peace process was based under international auspices, and the Israeli occupation government’s failure to respond to Palestinian, Arab and international warnings about the seriousness of these Israeli crimes, which are condemned and rejected, the Palestinian leadership decided in its emergency meeting today, what follows:

– In light of the repeated aggression against our people, and the undermining of signed agreements, including security, we consider that security coordination with the Israeli occupation government no longer exists as of now. In this context, we salute the sons of the Palestinian security establishment, for their honorable stances, in defense of our national project and the interest of our people. We also salute the national institutions and activities that watch over the popular peaceful resistance, and we call on them to do more, in order to protect our people and their capabilities in the face of settler terrorism and the occupation forces.

– Immediate approach to the UN Security Council, to request international protection for the Palestinian people, under chapter VII and to stop unilateral measures.

– Urgently go to the International Criminal Court to add the file of the massacre committed by the Israeli occupation forces in Jenin to the other files submitted earlier.

– The immediate call for the advent of the ongoing international commission of inquiry in the Human Rights Council, to investigate and draw up its findings regarding the responsibility of the occupation for this massacre, and to refer its findings to the International Criminal Court and the Security Council.

– Complete joining the rest of the UN and international organizations.

– Movement on the Arab, Islamic and international levels to support the Palestinian position.

– The President’s invitation to all Palestinian political forces for an emergency meeting, to agree on a comprehensive, united national vision to confront the Israeli aggression and respond to it.

UN Special Coordinator expresses deep alarm following Israel’s killing of 10 Palestinians in West Bank

United Nations Special Coordinator for the Middle East Peace Process, Tor Wennesland, today expressed deep alarm following Israel’s carnage in the northern West Bank city of Jenin that resulted in the killing of nine Palestinians.

“I am deeply alarmed and saddened by the continuing cycle of violence in the occupied West Bank. The deaths today of nine Palestinians, including militants and one woman, during an Israeli arrest operation in Jenin is another stark example,” Wennesland said in a statement.

“Since the beginning of this year, we are continuing to witness high levels of violence and other negative trends that characterized 2022. It is crucial to reduce tensions immediately and prevent more loss of life,” he added, urging “Israeli and Palestinian authorities to de-escalate tensions, restore calm, and avoid further conflict.”

Israeli Occupation forces kill 10th Palestinian near Jerusalem

A Palestinian youth has Thursday evening been shot and killed during confrontations with Israeli forces in the town of al-Ram, north of the occupied city of Jerusalem, according to the Palestinian Ministry of Health.

The Ministry said that Yousef Yahya Muheisen, 22, was shot by the Israeli soldiers during the confrontations that erupted between Israeli forces and protestors who went on a march protesting Israel’s killing of nine Palestinians in Jenin earlier today.

Muheisen was shot with a live bullet and taken to the Ramallah Medical Complex, where his condition was reproted to be very serious.

He succumbed to his wounds later.

Muheisen becomes the 10th Palestinian killed by Israeli forces today following an aggressive assault on Jenin city and camp, which killed nine Palestinians and left dozens others injures earlier today.

With the killing of the 10 Palestinians today, the number of Palestinians that Israel has killed since the beginning of 2023 rises to 30.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia expressed its strong condemnation and denunciation of “the Israeli occupation forces’ storming of the city and camp of Jenin, which led to the fall of a number of victims and the injury of others.”

In a statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs today, Thursday, the Kingdom affirmed its total rejection of the Israeli occupation forces’ serious violations of international law, stressing its call on the international community to assume its responsibilities to end the occupation, stop the Israeli escalation and aggression, and provide the necessary protection for civilians.

the Kingdom expressed it sincere condolences and sincere sympathy to the families of the victims and to the government and people of Palestine, wishing a speedy recovery for the injured.

The president announces three days of mourning for the souls of the martyrs of Jenin and its camp

Today, Thursday, the President of the State of Palestine, Mahmoud Abbas, announced three days of mourning and flags at half-mast for the souls of the martyrs of the massacre committed by the Israeli occupation against the Palestinian people in Jenin and its camp.

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